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Saturday, February 18, 2012

How to remove Antivirus Protection malware?

Antivirus Protection 2012 goes after Security Monitor 2012 scareware that was discussed in our blog in one of previous posts. This is the malware that has nothing to do with actually rendering anti-virus protection, in spite of such a fabulous name chosen by its developers. The program reports many fake infections and then prompts users into paying for its licensed version to have those bogus threats wiped off. However, the true picture about this application is a totally opposite story. This program cannot detect or remove real security threats. When your system becomes the object of some serious virus attack this program will not do what it promises. This is why it is a totally bad idea to purchase it. The program named as Antivirus Protection is the next pick pocketing tool designed by hackers to empty your wallet.

Once this scareware enters your system it would not let you have a piece of mind. Your computer would begin to function extremely slowly. You would have to face Antivirus Protection virus in front of your screen quite often, in fact, each time you turn your computer on. The scam would run its fake scan of your system and then present quite a misleading report about various threats identified by it. What you should realize is that nothing it tells you is true. The viruses this hoax detects simply aren’t there. These are fake infections that are reported in order to scare you and to prompt you into buying the rogue. Be not fooled by the rogue. Instead, remove this malware as described in the video guide with the help of legitimate and powerful anti-virus software.

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