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Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to get rid of Win 7 Defender 2013 virus effectively

Win 7 Defender 2013 is a nasty program with the cruelest of intentions. Being developed by the team of online fraudsters, this scam bring no good news for your computer. It displays the bunch of misleading and scary information which is totally fake, by the way. However, the very fact of presence of this malicious tool on your computer is another bad news. But the good news, by the way, is that we know the right remedy on how to delete it from your system.

First, when Win 7 Defender 2013 enters your system it does this without your permission. Furthermore, it modifies your system parameters in such a manner that makes it possible for the hoax to be launched automatically (each time you turn your computer on). So, as soon as you turn it on you will first encounter the face of Win 7 Defender 2013 malware. It will be instrumental in tricking and scaring you. The rogue runs the multitude of fake system scans and reports thousands of infections. Then it tells that you must buy its so-called licensed version in order to remove all those fake infections.

Do not buy the fake and helpless so-called licensed version of Win 7 Defender 2013 (its activation code). This will not protect you in times of real virus aggression. Instead, what you should do is ignore its faulty statements and promises and follow the removal instructions we’ve just developed. Please find them below.

Removal guide:

Removal video:

Recommended software for rogue removal:

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