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Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to remove Vista Defender 2013 virus (fake antispyware)

Vista Defender 2013 is another representative of rogues from Braviax malware clan, also referred to as MultiRogue 2013 scareware. In fact, the very first representatives of this malicious application first began to appear quite a long time ago, about 3 years ago, in fact. Nevertheless, as you see they keep reappearing as time goes by. New names are invented, and so we now have Vista Defender 2013 scam. Of course, this tool was not developed to defend your system but rather to steal money out of your pocket.

Vista Defender 2013 is a master of trickery. It runs itself automatically without your permission. It initiates the bunch of fake scans of your computer in order to reports various fake infections. However, the truth is that when real threats do enter your PC this application will not protect you. Thus, it is a bad behavior to trust its deceptive alerts and security notifications. The only goal of this program is to make you spend your money for its helpless protection that cannot actually defend your PC from cyber vulnerabilities.

Removal of Vista Defender 2013 virus is the logical solution you must undertake. Thus, ignore any information you hear from this pest. Please follow the removal instructions on how to get rid of it effectively from your computer. If you need additional assistance please let us know immediately.

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