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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Windows Protection Servant - virus. How to remove Windows Protection Servant scam application?

We have recently noticed that another virus has just been released, claiming to be some kind of superb system optimizer. Its name is Windows Protection Servant. It is a direct successor of Windows Activity Inspector, Windows Tweaking Utility, Windows Tasks Optimizer, Windows Work Catalyst, Windows Attention Utility, Windows Inspection Utility, Windows Supervision Center and Windows Oversight Center. We have told you about all such malwares, haven't we? Well, this time all of them have their continuation in the malware program called Windows Protection Servant. You may find out how it looks like in the picture above.

Our hope is that your computer will never be infected with this type of malware. However, if your system has been attacked with Windows Protection Servant fake system optimizer, then this article is right for you. It will explain to you how to get rid of Windows Protection Servant virus easily. To simplify the removal issue even more, we have prepared the video removal guide showing how to uninstall Windows Protection Servant virus on the example of similar pest - Windows Remedy.

"Fake program" is just the right description of Windows Protection Servant application. It is fake because it states that it will fix your PC from fake reported errors and problems. Even more - it will ask you to pay for supposed fixing of such fake errors. First of all, all of them do not exist in reality. Secondly, Windows Protection Servant is not able to fix real problems because Windows Protection Servant is the problem in its very nature. Thirdly, Windows Protection Servant has the only goal - to make you pay money for it. This all makes us clearly tell you to stay away from purchasing Windows Protection Servant, no matter how many fairy-tales it would tell you about its fake capabilities. It is good for nothing good. It is indeed good for tricking, scaring and fooling users, therefore you should not trust or even tolerate it. You can remove Windows Protection Servant as shown in the video guide provided below, using GridinSoft Trojan Killer. Keep in mind that GridinSoft Trojan Killer is not free tool. But it will help you remove this pest called Windows Protection Servant. Please find the proof of this in the video guide below.

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