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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Cloud AV 2012 virus. YouTube removal video

Cloud AV 2012 malware stands for the new virus threat of today. It has just been recently discovered by our anti-malware team. Please be advised that Cloud AV 2012 rogue security application is very similar to AV Protection 2011, AV Security 2012 and System Security 2012 viruses previously discussed in our security blog. So, the malware practices peculiar to Cloud AV 2012 are the same as those inherent to the above-mentioned similar fake security programs. Actually, these all bogus applications are not really different in their essence and inner world. They might have different md5 parameters, however, their PC-infecting techniques have not been really amended with time. Hence, even their interface is really similar with just the name being changed. No doubt, these are the programs you should stay away from purchasing. Please read the rest of the post devoted to Cloud AV 2012 removal.

The malware we are talking about is also in some cases referred to as CloudAV2012 or simply Cloud 2012. This pest does not care whether you want to encounter it or not in front of your PC. So, it does not ask for your permission to enter into your machine (well, just like all other rogue security programs). It can be spread via social networks due to leaks in the security level of your PC or due to other reasons. For example, the malware may strike its roots into your system when you download certain unsecure files which can be bundled with viruses. Also, please be careful with what sites you refer to, what links you click and what stuff you download from these links. Many of them are indeed contaminated with horrible badwares which represent real threat to your personal data safety and security protection. So, to sum up these general safety prescriptions, be careful and stay on the alert. Make sure to check the credibility of certain site before downloading anything through it. Also, be extremely cautious while receiving e-mails with suspicious attachments (either with zip or especially with exe extensions). Do not open them simply as a matter of curiosity. Make sure to check the contents of your e-mail with powerful and reputable anti-virus program installed on your PC. If you haven’t installed it yet then go ahead and do it now, without loitering.

The malware developers who elaborated Cloud AV 2012 are eager to make you one of the victims of their misleading product. They have developed it in such a manner that once it is launched automatically with every Windows startup it would arrange the fake system scan followed by the scary report about various types of infections supposedly revealed by it. The reality though is that this information is the representation of total ignorance as to what real security is. Cloud AV 2012 does not know anything about real viruses and their removal. It cannot detect real threats nor eliminate them, in other words. By the way, during its fictitious scan it reports its own files as viruses. Isn’t this the clear proof to you that trusting Cloud AV 2012 is a real mistake for you? But even more serious mistake for user would be to purchase this rogue. This is exactly what Cloud AV 2012 would offer, by the way, saying that it is the only right solution for removal of those fake viruses detected by it. Do not trust this hoax and make sure to entirely wipe it off from your PC. Please find the excellent YouTube removal video instructions aimed to explain to you how exactly to uninstall Cloud AV 2012 scam from your computer.

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