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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Skype virus now spreads in the Web

Be careful with virus spreading via Skype network. We have recently received one Skype message with certain random figures and letters that make no sense. In particular, the screenshot clearly depicts how exactly this virus looks like. The peculiarity of it is that users whose PCs got infected with it would not even realize that their PCs are now spreading spam messages with links containing viruses to all their friends who have Skype account. Once the particular person clicks the link his/her computer would be infected and would commence spreading the same malware links, by the way. To say that this is annoying is surely not enough. This represents real danger to your security and to security of all PC users worldwide who have Skype account. The link contained in that fake Skype message has *.jpeg extension at the end of it, however, once you click it the exe-file would be initiated, thus making your PC the victim of virus and contaminating your and other PC with other serious threats. So, please be careful. Do not click any of such links. They contain real viruses to beware of. If your PC has been infected with this type of virus please scan your PC with some decent anti-virus software.

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