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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Lvvm.exe – virus process of Cloud AV 2012 (AV Cloud 2012)

Cloud AV 2012 fake anti-virus program has lvvm.exe as one of its core and essential processes. In order to effectively delete Cloud AV 2012 hoax lvvm.exe process must be terminated first. In order to do this you might try to open Task Manager and do this manually, but your attempt to do it might be terminated by this virus. The best way to get rid of rogue security program bearing the name of Cloud AV 2012 (in some queries referred to as AV Cloud 2012) is to do it automatically using certain powerful anti-virus program able to help you in this important item on your today’s agenda. Keeping the virus in your machine is threatening due to the fact that this opens the doors for infiltration of other malwares into your computer.

As you probably already know, Cloud AV 2012 is the next representative of virus and rogue anti-spyware programs, such as AV Protection 2011, System Security 2012 and many other similar PC infections. Do not tolerate them all. You need to understand that none of such bogus security tools is actually worth your trust. When Cloud AV 2012, in particular, gets inside of your computer without your consent or approval it would then initiate the number of fabricated (imitated) system scans. Once they are over you would face the report telling you about various types of infections allegedly revealed during such fictitious scan. This is nothing but the scary method used by hackers and malware developers to make you pay for their rogue concoction, because they tell that their product is what would help you get rid of those threats. First of all, such detected threats are unreal. We can say with almost 100% probability that such infections claimed to exist in your PC and to be detected by this rogue are in fact not even present inside of your machine. And, unambiguously, even if they were present and real surely Cloud AV 2012 is not the program to help you remove them. This tool is the infection and virus itself, so don’t waste your time paying attention to what it tells you. The hoax we’re talking about is like a wolf in the clothes of a sheep. It bears the mask of a good tool whereas inside it has the cruelest of intentions. So, keep out of it. Do not disclose any of your personal or important bank data to it. Do not effect any payment in favor of its developers. Ignore anything it tells you. Finally, make sure and remove this pest from your PC at once. Please find the removal solution to help you get rid of this pest in the section below.

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