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Friday, November 18, 2011

Fake AV Protection 2011 removal milestones

Has your computer been lately attacked with AV Protection 2011 virus? If this is the case then you are not alone in this fight. Removal of AV Protection 2011 is one of the recent queries in the top search engines. Nobody knows exactly how in the world this rogue gets inside of computers. This can be via social networks, downloading infected files via unsecure resources, surfing unsafe pages, etc. It could also be that your computer does not have proper decent anti-virus installed. Or, as the alternative, this could mean that the already installed and legit antivirus programs were outdated or not properly updated (either by your fault or by the fault of their developers). Anyway, AV Protection 2011 is already inside of your workstation and you need to do something with it. First of all, please ignore anything it tells you to do. It will tell you that your PC is infected with plenty of viruses and that the system is in the total desperate condition. It would also tell that you need to purchase AV Protection 2011 in order to have all those viruses removed. First of all, all such information presented by this scam is totally fake and untrue. You need to realize that there is nothing truthful originated by this scam. It is actually not capable at all to detect or to remove real threats, being the virus itself. The only aim of this hoax is to make you convinced that it is the only solution for fixing your PC and deleting threats detected by it. Then, on this basis, it would prompt you into purchasing its fake full version. Any version of this rogue, either trial or full, is totally useless and not able to help you fight against real threats.

When this hoax is first installed onto your computer it would make such amendment s in your system in such a manner that it will be launched automatically each time you turn your PC on. What a terrible disregard to your choices and preferences. This is not something unusual, however. This feature is typical to all rogues of such kind. So, it comes to your PC without your permission or consent, it gets launched at each Windows logon without your approval and it does not let you remove it from Add/Remove Programs menu of the Control Panel. So, summarizing the aforesaid information, please make sure to ignore all the fake security notifications stated by this virus. Do not tolerate it inside of your system. Do not effect any payment for this scam. Please follow our removal instruction provided in the YouTube video guide below.

AV Protection 2011 automatic removal:

malware removal tool

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