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Friday, November 18, 2011

Privacy.exe virus file location

Privacy.exe is the name of the main executable of Privacy Protection virus. We have told you about Privacy.exe alerady in one of our previous posts. If you want to find out where exactly this file is located in your computer (whether on Windows XP or on Windows 7) then please carefully read the rest of this post describing the most probable location of this rogue executable depending on the OS installed on your computer. But, before you search for the location of Privacy.exe in either version of Windows, make sure to check that you have the option to see hidden files and folders. For this purpose please read this special post.

Privacy.exe most probable location in Windows XP:

Privacy.exe most probable location in Windows 7 and Windows Vista:

Note: in Windows 7/Windows Vista instead of "andy" (my username) please choose your own username (the account which was infected with Privacy Protection virus).

Privacy Protection automatic removal:

malware removal tool

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