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Thursday, December 1, 2011

AV Secure 2012 virus removal essentials

AV Secure 2012 fake anti-virus program represents quite a serious threat to your personal information safety and to the entire security of your computer. The malware presents itself as some powerful anti-spyware solution whereas the reality is that it knows nothing about detection and elimination of real security threats. If you disclose your bank or credit card information to it the chances are that this data will be used by the cyber criminals not just once, that is, not only while you mistakenly purchase this fake AV program. So, before you actually effect any payment for such suspicious programs make sure to check their legitimacy first. Go online, search in the Web for the piece of additional information about this program. Surely you will find something about it if it already exists. However, you will only find out from reputable resources that this is the next hoax which is not worthy of your trust. To find the proper armor to help you get rid of AV Secure 2012 rogue please carefully follow our virus removal guidelines provided below. By the way, the video tutorial on AV Secure 2012 removal is also included in the bottom part of this post, so please take your time and follow our malware uninstall guidelines stipulated below.

One thing we are really confident in - AV Secure 2012 is not the program for you to choose as the weapon against the army of contemporary PC virus parasites. In spite of the fact that this application would promise you to have all the possible variants of cyber threats eliminated, still these assertions are not duly grounded. AV Secure 2012, the direct successor of fake antivirus programs like Cloud AV 2012, AV Protection 2011 and many other similar rogues would promise many of such things to you. Upon successful infiltration to your PC without your consent this scam tool would first of all arrange its fictitious system scan. This scan, by the way, would be initiated by the hoax automatically each time you turn your PC on. Then, once the fake scan is successfully completed, the rogue would report the large quantity of infections, threats, viruses and other cyber pests allegedly identified by it. At this very point you should be extremely careful lest you fall into temptation to believe what it tells you. The thing is – this tool would then state that it is the only superb and right solution for removal of all those fake viruses and/or fixing all the unreal security problems stated by it. Indeed, the security level of your PC is quite low (since your PC is contaminated with AV Secure 2012 program), however, the malware we’re talking about doesn’t really aim to improve it. As we’ve already said, this malady knows nothing about helping you build the strong anti-malware shield and deleting real security threats and trojan horses. So, trusting this tool is a horrible mistake on your part. Do not become one of its victims. Do not pay any cent for this scam application. It will not be able to remove real viruses, even after you purchase its so-called full or commercial version. If you have already effected the payment for this scam then go ahead and immediately dispute the charges via your good bank or payment processing company. Finally, please take your time to carefully follow the portion of our virus removal recommendations provided in the section below. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you require our assistance on any of issues.

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