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Sunday, January 15, 2012

How to remove System Check virus completely?

System Check virus is what now bothers so many PC users all over the world. The malware appeared several weeks ago soon after System Fix fake HDD finished its system attack mission. At first System Check was not as severe, but with time it was given the new birth, so-to-speak. Thus, we can see the results of this in more and more workstations suffering now from being seriously infected with this virus. Not only it infects your PC but also hides the majority of your data. Do not worry, the information was not deleted. It is now located in specially designated folders created by this rogue. This fake HDD tool has the goal of convincing you to effect the payment for its licensed edition which, according to its promises, would restore all your data and fix your PC’s errors. However, all errors reported by this program are fake in the majority of the cases. In other cases (like the problem of missing files) these errors are true and caused due to the malware’s own amendments and modifications. There are several steps in the process of deleting the scam. First one is to remove its files and registry entries. This can be done with the powerful anti-virus tool with most recently updated database. GridinSoft Trojan Killer is the example of such software. Another important measure is to restore your hidden data. For this purpose you may run GridinSoft Restore and GridinSoft Unhider (two free utilities developed by GridinSoft LLC).

Summarizing the above-mentioned information, here are the steps you need to accomplish for successful deletion of System Check virus:

System Check automatic removal:

malware removal tool

System Check removal video guide:

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