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Friday, December 30, 2011

System Check. What the heck!

System Check virus is the unwanted guest that came to many PCs today. Its infiltration into the system is possible while users are surfing the Web, during accessing their social network accounts (like Facebook, for example), downloading infected files without realizing this, clicking suspicious links and even via e-mails containing malware attachments. You are probably aware of the fact how System Fix virus, the previous representative of this malware clan, was spread. In many cases the infiltration took place via fake USPS emails and even fake Skype downloads occasionally. The typical message that users face just before System Check actually appears in front of them is titled as Windows – Delayed Write Failed. In some cases they might receive other strange notifications, such as Files Indexation Process Failed. In the majority of these cases these fictitious system warnings are made in poor English, so it is not difficult to realize that they can’t be originated by Windows OS. There is something malicious about this program, definitely. Once System Check actually appears the user understands what a horrible pest made its dwelling inside of the system.

The malware would then hide the majority of your files, folders, icons, desktop shortcuts and even all the programs in the start menu. It would not let you launch Task Manager or run other necessary applications that might help you get rid of it. In fact, you would not see any programs either in the “All Programs” section or even their shortcuts at the desktop. What a terrible case indeed! Then System Check virus would actually start doing its malicious job. The hoax would become the author of fake system scan. This type of malware infection would not tell you about viruses or infections detected. On the other hand, it would tell you about various system errors, bugs, problems and disorders that need to be dealt with supposedly. However, the problems reported by this application are fake. They simply do not exist at all. This is just the imitation of some system optimization process allegedly undertaken by System Check, whereas the hoax simply tries to fool you by tricking you and making you think that what it tells is a gospel true. Well, no statement you get from it should be trusted or treated seriously.

The saddest part of the story is when System Check tries to make you effect the payment for its full version. It would tell you that if you purchase its license /serial key /license or reg key you would actually fix all the problems reported by this fake HDD. Whereas the program you’re facing is a totally useless PC optimization device which knows nothing about rendering real optimization. Thus, remove this malware immediately without hesitation. In order to get rid of System Check virus please download, install and run GridinSoft Trojan Killer. Once the infected items have been detected make sure to remove them all, without doubts. Then reboot your PC and run two additional GridinSoft Utilities called GridinSoft Unhider and GridinSoft Restore. These tools will help you restore your missing and hidden data. The video guide below tells you how exactly to do it. If you have problems please contact GridinSoft Trojan Killer Customer Support Team immediately or post your question at GridinSoft Forum. Good luck to you removing System Check scam.

System Check automatic removal:

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System Check removal video guide:

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